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~A Work In Progress~

I have been editing academic publications since 2009, but this website went live in February 2021. It is therefore imperfect, but good enough to begin a communication with you, who find your way here. To continue this conversation, please email me at charlotte@charlottemariecable.com, or call +1 (734) 531-9945.

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I work with researchers in the social sciences, humanities, and life sciences to ensure that their arguments communicate effectively with their audiences. Whether you’re writing articles, reports, dissertations, or books, I can help your ideas shine through.

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How Do I Know If I Need an Editor?

What is an editor?
An editor prepares materials for publication or for public consumption. It’s that simple. In the academic realm there are primarily two styles of editors: journal (or series) editors and freelance editors. Academic journal editors are usually chosen based on their own academic record of success in the field of their journal. Unlike the editors at Nature (see the video on the left), however, most academic journal editors have a day job — often, as researchers in their own right. These editors may also have titles like “Editor-in-Chief” or “Publications Director” instead.

A freelance editor (c’est moi) has many of the same roles and goals as a journal or series editor — but we provide more hands-on support during the process of manuscript writing, reviewing, submitting, and proofing. 

How Do I Know if I need an editor?
There are dozens of ways an editor can help you. Here are a few scenarios:

  • You’re spending time formatting your manuscript to a journal’s specifications instead of writing something new.
  • You could use some expert, concrete, non-judgmental feedback.
  • Thought of looking at that manuscript one more time makes you feel like running out into the street and just keep going.
  • You want to ask for feedback from your colleagues but don’t know how.

Basically: no matter what stage they’re in, everyone needs (and deserves) an editor.

Do You Work With Journal/series editors?
Absolutely! Academic journal editors are usually chosen based on their own academic record of success in the field of their journal. When I work with journal editors, I often see manuscripts that have already been accepted for publication but would benefit from more hands-on support than a busy journal editor can give. That’s where I come in.
Do You Offer Ongoing Coaching Services?
I do! Check out my services for individual and group coaching.
What are your rates?
Editing is like master carpentry: it’s skilled work to exacting specifications and each project is utterly unique. The time it takes me to edit your work will vary considerably based on what state it’s in. That’s why new clients receive a free sample edit. 

About Me

I have a PhD in Anthropology and a passion for helping people communicate ideas.

Like you, I am a writer and a researcher. I know how important it is to communicate your research to others — whether they be specialists in your subfield, members of the press, or your best friend’s inquisitive uncle.

This website (which went live in February 2021) is imperfect and in process — but “good enough” as a draft. (It’s a metaphor, rather than an oversight — you see?)








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